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Wolin Viking Festival 2016 – drone video

Video from annual Wolin Viking Festival 2016, including great overhead drone footage. Source: YouTube.com

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“For Honor” New Viking Computer Game

Viking themed computer game “For Honor” to be released in 2017. Pitting Vikings against knights and samurai. Strangely with all the historic nonsense of History’s “Vikings” TV show, having Vikings fight samurai does not feel as far-fetched! It will be

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History renews “Vikings” for 5th season

Not unexpected given the viewer success, then History Channel has renewed “Vikings” for 5th season. This then also gives Michael Hirst and the rest of the production team a chance to redeem themselves after the historical mess they’ve blundering ever

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History Channel’s “Vikings” season 4 well under way

With the longer “Vikings” season 4 well under way, here is newly released mid-season trailer.

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History’s Vikings Season 4 Trailer

History’s Vikings season 4 starts on February 18, 2016… exciting to see how story progresses from season 3! Trailer: Source: www.YouTube.com

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“Vikings” Season 4 Coming Feb. 2016

Latest trailer for the upcoming “Vikings” season 4. Premieres February 18, 2016…

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“Viking: The Berserkers” – Movie Trailer

Trailer for upcoming Viking themed movie “Viking: The Berserkers”…

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Birka Excavations Undercover Viking Age Dragon’s Head

The town of Birka in Sweden was for a long time during the Viking Age one of the key centers of trade and commerce. It is also known for an 1870 discovery of a casting mould for a needle pin

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Vikings TV-series season 4 being planned

In connection with season 3 launching, show creator Micheal Hirst has announced that he has already written five episodes for an anticipated season 4. And, that instead of ten episodes then coming seasons could be up to 16 episodes. Hirst

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Vikings Season3 Premieres on History Channel on February 19th

Exciting 3rd season with 10 all new episodes! Source: TV.com

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