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Beowulf Themed TV-series Also Coming Soon


Following History Channel’s “Vikings” and BBC’s upcoming “The Last Kingdom” series… ITV also getting into the Norse/Viking mix with a Beowulf inspired TV series!! Planned as a 13-part series, it takes the well known Beowulf characters (Beowulf, Hrothgar, Rheda) and

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Vikings TV-series season 4 being planned

In connection with season 3 launching, show creator Micheal Hirst has announced that he has already written five episodes for an anticipated season 4. And, that instead of ten episodes then coming seasons could be up to 16 episodes. Hirst

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Vikings Season3 Premieres on History Channel on February 19th

Exciting 3rd season with 10 all new episodes! Source: TV.com

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History’s Vikings Season 3 trailer

Trailer for History’s Vikings season 3. Another wild season in the making!

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Bernard Cornwell’s “Saxon Stories” coming to TV

Uhtred is coming – to television! Great news for all fans of the historical fiction book series that started with “The Last Kingdom”, and centers around Uhtred’s struggles during the reign of Alfred the Great.  BBC will produce an eight

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History’s Vikings Season 2 trailer

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TV series “Vikings” – Season Two news


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News about TV series “Vikings”

The History Channel’s TV-serie “Vikings”… (old) news about season one, and more recent news about season two. Season One news – Source: hitfix.com  /  Article in English Season Two news – Source: thewrap.com / Article in English

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Fiction Books

The following books are high quality Viking-themed historical fiction at its best. The Long Ships (Frans G. Bengtsson) By many considered one of the true Viking classic books. There are plans to make this into both a TV mini series

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