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Hákonarmál – Selection read aloud

The last two chapters of the Skaldic poem, Hákonarmál… read aloud. Close your eyes and a Viking is speaking to you! English translation: Unbound towards the home of men will Fenrisulfr fare before we will see a king as great

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Pre-Viking Age Frankish artifacts uncovered at Ribe

Danish archeologists have found a fully intact Pre-Viking Age ceramic wine pitcher at Ribe, in western Jutland. The pitcher was made in either present day France or Belgium during the Merovingian age in the period between the years 450 to

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One Viking place on Lonely Planet’s Top500 Ultimate Travelist

Travel site Lonely Planet has published a book called “The Ultimate Travelist” – where their community of staff and writers have ranked the 500 best places to see in the world. One Viking site in Scandinavia made the list –

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