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Viking Afterlife – Norse religion and beliefs

Another great 50 minute lecture-style presentation about Norse religion, beliefs and views on the Viking afterlife in the Viking Age by the guys from Hurstwic. Including talk about sources, and stories about how Vikings viewed death and the universe. Presentation

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Viking Age Norse religion

Superb 50 minute lecture-style presentation of Norse religion in the Viking Age by the guys from Hurstwic. Including stories about Odin, Thor and events around Ragnarok. The text description on YouTube promises this will be the first in a series…

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Viking Impact on Vinland and What Could Have Been

Vikings reaching the Americas started as a legend, which was since proven with the discovery of a Viking settlement in Newfoundland. Since there have been several more settlements found… which naturally stokes the imagination as to just how far and

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Hákonarmál – Selection read aloud

The last two chapters of the Skaldic poem, Hákonarmál… read aloud. Close your eyes and a Viking is speaking to you! English translation: Unbound towards the home of men will Fenrisulfr fare before we will see a king as great

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Lesser Known Icelandic Sagas

Interesting blog article by Medievalists.net, naming and briefly describing 10 lesser known Icelandic sagas. Read the full article which includes links to many of English translations of the texts via the Read More link below. The article covers the following

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StoryTeller – The World Is Born – Norse Mythology Part 1

Latest video from Thomas the StoryTeller, who works at Fotevikens Museum:

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Written Sources

B)  Written sources Written sources are usually most reliable when authored at the time of the events they refer to. Unfortunately, contemporary sources for the Viking Age by Scandinavian authors are almost non-existent, the main exception being runic inscriptions.  This

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Viking Sagas

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