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Gislinge Boat Launches at Roskilde Viking Ship Museum


The Gislinge Open Source Boat Project at Roskilde Viking Ship Museum has been mentioned in several previous news updates here over the past 6 months. The museum has been very active and good in updating on the progress of the

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Rope making in the Viking Age

A number of materials were used to make ropes in the Viking Age. Not surprising then it was the materials at hand which were used. These included wool, horsehair, sealskin and lime bast. Lime bast? Well, this comes from the

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Special 2014 exhibition at Roskilde Viking ship museum

Roskilde Viking Museum has a special exhibition called “The World in the Viking Age” which runs until December 31st, 2014.  Not surprising the exhibition centers around Viking sea travels and how Viking seafaring changed the world. Link: Special Exhibition 2014

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Mythology exhibition at Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde

Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde opens new exhibition on Nov. 3rd 2013, exploring the Norse myths and using the cartoon series “Valhalla” as visual inspiration. Source: jp.dk  /  Article in Danish

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