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Viking Voyages Interactive Map

There is a tendency still today of a perception that in historic times people were not mobile, because of no cars, trains, powered ships or aircraft voyages. However, there was substantial mobility during the Roman Empire era. Also, the whole

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8 locations with lasting Viking footprint

The travel site Trivago has named the following Top-8 Viking Age locations to visit for their lasting Viking footprint: Jorvik Viking Center, York, England Lofotr Vikingemuseum, Lofoten, Norway Ribe Vikingecenter, Ribe, Denmark Waterford Viking Triangle, Waterford, Ireland Birka, Björkö, Sweden

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Viking Age “stokkebåter” found in Norwegian lake

A pair of “stokkebåter” (tree trunk hollowed canoes) have been discovered in the inland Junger Lake by Øvre Eiker, Norway. This is the second time that pair of these boats/canoes have been found in the lake. The boats/canoes are similar

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One Viking place on Lonely Planet’s Top500 Ultimate Travelist

Travel site Lonely Planet has published a book called “The Ultimate Travelist” – where their community of staff and writers have ranked the 500 best places to see in the world. One Viking site in Scandinavia made the list –

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Blacksmith Tools Found in Norwegian Viking Age Grave

Norwegian Viking Age grave site yields significant find of around 60 artifacts from the 8th or 9th century. Archaeologists of Bergen University consider this find one of the most important in Norway in 2014. Artifacts included rare blacksmith tools in

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Viking theme park set to open in Norway in 2017

A company “Vikingland Utvikling AS” had been formed to develop a concept for a Viking themed amusement park in western Norway.  Tentatively named “Asgard-Viking Adventure Park”, the project has engaged with one or more key people from the construction of

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Evidence found in Norway of slave killings

New evidence from escavation in Norway seems to prove the long standing stories of vikings of high standing sacrificing slaves, and bringing them into the afterlife. Sources: videnskab.dk & livescience.com  /  Article in Danish  &  Article in English

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