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Rare Viking Age grave found at Odense


Danish archaeologists have found a stone sarcophagus at the Albani Church in the city of Odense, on the island of Funen, Denmark. It is at the location where it is believed the Danish king Knud IV (Canute) – also known

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Uhtred is back in Book 9 and BBC TV series kicks-off in October

Good news for everyone suffering from “Vikings” withdrawal!! Bernard Cornwell is publishing next book about his Viking Age hero, Uhtred of Bebbanburg! Called “Warriors of the Storm” this book 9 in the series is set for release on October 8th.

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Significance of Viking Age Blacksmiths and Ironworkers

Compiled and written by AllThingsViking (August 31, 2015) Came across this article from 2013 on Medievalists.net, named “The Role and Status of the Smith in the Viking Age” – which in turn is an abstract of a thesis paper by

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Viking Age “stokkebåter” found in Norwegian lake

A pair of “stokkebåter” (tree trunk hollowed canoes) have been discovered in the inland Junger Lake by Øvre Eiker, Norway. This is the second time that pair of these boats/canoes have been found in the lake. The boats/canoes are similar

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Caernarfon silver hoard confirmed as Viking Age


In March 2015 near Caernarfon in north Wales a silver hoard was uncovered. And it has now been confirmed as yet another Viking silver hoard. The finds include some very rare coins minted in Dublin, coins from Canute the Great’s

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Monuments in England Re-Purposed by Vikings


Interesting blog article about how Vikings re-purposed and re-cycled sites, stones and objects during their time in England. Sites included burial mounds even as old as from the Bronze Age. Stones were moved and/or re-chiseled. And weapons, silver and jewelry

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Viking Age Silver Found In Southern Jutland


Yesterday Danish archaeologists announced that approximately 165 silver coins have been recovered in a field near town of Haderslev, in southern Jutland. The find is significant because it includes a mix English, German and Danish coins – further indications of

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Flere misvisende udsagn i DR program om vikinger

This post will come in English in the near future… I forlængelse af tidligere blog om faktuelle fejl i DRs ”Danmarks Største Skattejagt”, viste en yderligere gennemgang af programmet, at der var flere misvisende udsagn. Således fortæller en af eksperterne,

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One Viking place on Lonely Planet’s Top500 Ultimate Travelist

Travel site Lonely Planet has published a book called “The Ultimate Travelist” – where their community of staff and writers have ranked the 500 best places to see in the world. One Viking site in Scandinavia made the list –

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Mange fejl i DR’s viking udsendelse fra Bornholm

This post will come in English in the near future… I lørdags (d. 15 aug) sendte DR direkte udsendelse “Danmarks Største Skattejagt” fra udgravning af en viking stormands gård på Bornholm. Målet med det 90 minutter lange program var at

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