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Viking Voyages Interactive Map

There is a tendency still today of a perception that in historic times people were not mobile, because of no cars, trains, powered ships or aircraft voyages. However, there was substantial mobility during the Roman Empire era. Also, the whole

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8 locations with lasting Viking footprint

The travel site Trivago has named the following Top-8 Viking Age locations to visit for their lasting Viking footprint: Jorvik Viking Center, York, England Lofotr Vikingemuseum, Lofoten, Norway Ribe Vikingecenter, Ribe, Denmark Waterford Viking Triangle, Waterford, Ireland Birka, Björkö, Sweden

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9th Century Irish Viking site Woodstown

Woodstown is a 9th century Viking settlement in Ireland that has been excavated, and the findings are contributing significantly to the Vikings as international merchants ad traders. The fortified site was located with easy access to the oceans. And, there

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Vikings present in Ireland earlier than previously known

While the Viking Age in Britain traditionally has been quoted as AD793, then based on the Annals of Ulster then AD795 has been the year thought to be the first Viking attack in Ireland. While this may be the first

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