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Origins of Old Norse Viking Names

Very informative video about the origins of Old Norse Viking names. The names were predominantly constructed by combining two words. Suffixes were specifically male or female. The same prefixes could be used with either. Examples like: Harald Bluetooth, Sweyn Forkbeard.

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Role of Bow and Arrow in Viking Age

When the Norse of the Viking Age are shown, then these Vikings typically wield sword, axes, spears and shields. Images of Vikings holding bows are few and far between – and why is that? Archery gives some clear advantages in

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Flere misvisende udsagn i DR program om vikinger

This post will come in English in the near future… I forlængelse af tidligere blog om faktuelle fejl i DRs ”Danmarks Største Skattejagt”, viste en yderligere gennemgang af programmet, at der var flere misvisende udsagn. Således fortæller en af eksperterne,

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Why was King Harald Gormsson known as “Bluetooth”? (Revised)

There is no evidence that the name “Bluetooth” was used during Harald’s life time. The first written mention of “Bluetooth” is found in the Roskilde Chronicle from c1140.  However, there were a number of contemporary Harald’s who all had nicknames

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Palisade at Jelling confirmed from Harald Bluetooth’s era

Danish National Museum excavations at Jelling in Jutland, Denmark – have dated wood from palisade remains to mid tenth century, i.e. at time of King Harald Bluetooth’s reign. Source: natmus.dk  /  Article in Danish

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