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Flooding at Yorvik Viking Centre

Press release update from January 5th, regarding the December 29th flooding of the Yorvik Viking Center, unfortunately confirms the fears of major damage to the exhibit. Here’s link to news report from December 29th: Yorvik Viking Centre remains closed until

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Gislinge Boat Launches at Roskilde Viking Ship Museum


The Gislinge Open Source Boat Project at Roskilde Viking Ship Museum has been mentioned in several previous news updates here over the past 6 months. The museum has been very active and good in updating on the progress of the

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Large Viking Age hoard found at Omø in Denmark


Danish metal detector enthusiast finds 550 silver coins, jewelry and other silver objects scattered on a small area in a field at Omø in Denmark. The coins included a number of so-called Harald Bluetooth coins from approximately 975-980AD which have

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StoryTeller – The World Is Born – Norse Mythology Part 1

Latest video from Thomas the StoryTeller, who works at Fotevikens Museum:

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“Crafts and Vikings Festival 2015” – August 15-16th

The “Crafts and Vikings Festival 2015” is coming up at the Viking Ship Museum, close to Copenhagen. All weekend skilled craftworkers will demonstrate their Viking Age maritime and shipbuilding skills. There will be many activities for visitors to try their

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Remains of Viking long house discovered in downtown Reykjavik

Excavations over the summer in downtown Reykjavik have uncovered the remains of a 20meter longhouse, making it the largest found on Iceland to date. Discovered under a former parking lot, given the size it is believed to have belonged to

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9th Century Irish Viking site Woodstown

Woodstown is a 9th century Viking settlement in Ireland that has been excavated, and the findings are contributing significantly to the Vikings as international merchants ad traders. The fortified site was located with easy access to the oceans. And, there

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Feasbility study launched for Danish Norse mythology theme park

A newly established company called Norse Theme Parks IVS is investigating the feasibility of a Norse mythology theme park to be located close to Copenhagen. To be called “Temapark Yggdrasil”, it would have both an indoor and outdoor component and

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Foteviken tour

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