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Viking Age Silver Found In Southern Jutland


Yesterday Danish archaeologists announced that approximately 165 silver coins have been recovered in a field near town of Haderslev, in southern Jutland. The find is significant because it includes a mix English, German and Danish coins – further indications of

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Flere misvisende udsagn i DR program om vikinger

This post will come in English in the near future… I forlængelse af tidligere blog om faktuelle fejl i DRs ”Danmarks Største Skattejagt”, viste en yderligere gennemgang af programmet, at der var flere misvisende udsagn. Således fortæller en af eksperterne,

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One Viking place on Lonely Planet’s Top500 Ultimate Travelist

Travel site Lonely Planet has published a book called “The Ultimate Travelist” – where their community of staff and writers have ranked the 500 best places to see in the world. One Viking site in Scandinavia made the list –

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“Crafts and Vikings Festival 2015” – August 15-16th

The “Crafts and Vikings Festival 2015” is coming up at the Viking Ship Museum, close to Copenhagen. All weekend skilled craftworkers will demonstrate their Viking Age maritime and shipbuilding skills. There will be many activities for visitors to try their

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Feasbility study launched for Danish Norse mythology theme park

A newly established company called Norse Theme Parks IVS is investigating the feasibility of a Norse mythology theme park to be located close to Copenhagen. To be called “Temapark Yggdrasil”, it would have both an indoor and outdoor component and

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Danish Viking Age town of Ribe may be older than thought

The Danish town of Ribe holds the honors as the oldest known town in Denmark and Scandinavia. Situated in the southwest coast of Jutland, it was ideally positioned as a market and harbor town – and was believed to have

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The Viking “North Sea Empire” – It all started 1000 years ago

King Cnut ascended to be king of the Danelaw, upon Sweyn Forkbeard’s death in February 1014. However, Cnut was unable to hold all of England and having been defeated and driven out of England in late 1014, Cnut used the

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Christianity amongst Danes earlier than previously assumed

Results from excavations at the cathedral graveyard at Ribe in west Denmark, is confirming writing evidence from church chronicles that there were Christians among the Danes at least a century earlier than the official royal acceptance of Christianity on the

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Lonely Planet places “Viking Denmark” on “Best in Europe 2014”

Lonely Planet released list of the Top 10 places to visit in Europe for summer vacation 2014 – and “Viking Denmark” placed 5th on the list! There is even a suggestion for a full travel itinerary to visit the major

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National Museum – Intro to Vikings

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