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Swedish parchment from Viking Age

Swedish historians discover Viking Age parchment having been used as binder cover for a later book. The newly discover Latin texts are believed to date from the period 1070 to 1090. Very few pages from the Viking Age survive within

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Monuments in England Re-Purposed by Vikings


Interesting blog article about how Vikings re-purposed and re-cycled sites, stones and objects during their time in England. Sites included burial mounds even as old as from the Bronze Age. Stones were moved and/or re-chiseled. And weapons, silver and jewelry

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Viking Age Customs that Christianity Squashed

Interesting blog article CJ Adrien which highlights that while Christianity’s spread into “heathen” Scandinavian during the Viking Age was seen as an “advancement”, then on a number of fronts this can be questioned. The blog lists 3 examples: Grooming –

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Christianity Also Came to Sweden Earlier Than Thought

Following the announcements by Ribe VikingeCenter of finds showing that Christians lived in Denmark a century earlier than previous thought, then Gothenburg University have announced evidence of Christian graves at Varnhem (inland east of Gothenburg) – that have been dated

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Christianity amongst Danes earlier than previously assumed

Results from excavations at the cathedral graveyard at Ribe in west Denmark, is confirming writing evidence from church chronicles that there were Christians among the Danes at least a century earlier than the official royal acceptance of Christianity on the

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Written Sources

B)  Written sources Written sources are usually most reliable when authored at the time of the events they refer to. Unfortunately, contemporary sources for the Viking Age by Scandinavian authors are almost non-existent, the main exception being runic inscriptions.  This

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