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Swedish parchment from Viking Age

Swedish historians discover Viking Age parchment having been used as binder cover for a later book. The newly discover Latin texts are believed to date from the period 1070 to 1090. Very few pages from the Viking Age survive within

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Uhtred is back in Book 9 and BBC TV series kicks-off in October

Good news for everyone suffering from “Vikings” withdrawal!! Bernard Cornwell is publishing next book about his Viking Age hero, Uhtred of Bebbanburg! Called “Warriors of the Storm” this book 9 in the series is set for release on October 8th.

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Classic Viking book to be filmatized in Scandinavia

The Danish movie production company “Zentropa” has announced that it has acquired the rights to “The Long Ships” books (“Røde Orm”), and is hoping to find financing in order to start filming in 2015. Source: jp.dk  / Article in Danish

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Fiction Books

The following books are high quality Viking-themed historical fiction at its best. The Long Ships (Frans G. Bengtsson) By many considered one of the true Viking classic books. There are plans to make this into both a TV mini series

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Non-Fiction Books

The following non-fiction books are excellent general readers about the Viking Age – beyond the basics which can be found on the Internet (see History and Useful Links sections, for selection of links). The Vikings, by Else Roesdahl (1998) Considered

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