Viking Age History

This section is under construction. In the future, here you will find information about Viking Age history. In the meantime, below is a list of Wikipedia articles (Viking related information on Wikipedia seems very dispersed) – which are a good starting point as intro. Also, check the Sources&Links section here on AllThingsViking for other great sites about Vikings.

General Viking Age history:

Main article:

Viking Age England:

Viking Age weapons and armor:

Viking swords:

Viking longship:

Viking long house or mead hall:

Viking ring fortresses:

Dannevirke, the Scandinavian Hadrians Wall:

Runic alpfabet and inscriptions:  &


Ship burial:




Varangian Guard:

Viking personalities:

Rollo, founder of Normandy:

Ragnar Lodbrok, mythical Viking jarl (and character in History Channel’s “Vikings”):

Eirik Blood-Axe, Norwegian Viking king:

Gunnhild Gormsdatter (known as Mother of Kings):,_Mother_of_Kings

Harald Bluetooth, Danish king:

Sweyn Forkbeard, Danish king who conquered England:

Cnut the Great, ruler of the Viking North Sea Empire:

William the Conqueror, Norman duke who invaded England:

Erik the Red, settled Iceland and Greenland:

Leif Erikson, reach North America in 11th century:

More to come…