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The Norse tradition of verbal telling of stories still lives.

Hákonarmál – Selection read aloud

The last two chapters of the Skaldic poem, Hákonarmál… read aloud. Close your eyes and a Viking is speaking to you! English translation: Unbound towards the home of men will Fenrisulfr fare before we will see a king as great

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StoryTeller – The World Is Born – Norse Mythology Part 1

Latest video from Thomas the StoryTeller, who works at Fotevikens Museum:

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StoryTeller – The Battle of Foteviken

Enjoy the YouTube video below with the StoryTeller recounting The Battle of Foteviking…

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Storytelling – Thor’s Fishing Trip

Enjoy the YouTube video below with storytelling by the StoryTeller of Foteviken recounting Thor’s Fishing Trip… During the Viking Age in Scandinavia, only a few priests and monks were literate. The main form of passing on knowledge was verbally. This

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