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News regarding Vikings on television, in movies, books and games.

“For Honor” New Viking Computer Game

Viking themed computer game “For Honor” to be released in 2017. Pitting Vikings against knights and samurai. Strangely with all the historic nonsense of History’s “Vikings” TV show, having Vikings fight samurai does not feel as far-fetched! It will be

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History renews “Vikings” for 5th season

Not unexpected given the viewer success, then History Channel has renewed “Vikings” for 5th season. This then also gives Michael Hirst and the rest of the production team a chance to redeem themselves after the historical mess they’ve blundering ever

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History Channel’s “Vikings” season 4 well under way

With the longer “Vikings” season 4 well under way, here is newly released mid-season trailer.

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ITV’s “Beowulf” TV Series Trailer

Trailer from the new ITV “Beowulf” TV series, loosely based on the legend…

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“Vikings” Season 4 Coming Feb. 2016

Latest trailer for the upcoming “Vikings” season 4. Premieres February 18, 2016…

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“The Last Kingdom” TV Series Trailer

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Beowulf Themed TV-series Also Coming Soon


Following History Channel’s “Vikings” and BBC’s upcoming “The Last Kingdom” series… ITV also getting into the Norse/Viking mix with a Beowulf inspired TV series!! Planned as a 13-part series, it takes the well known Beowulf characters (Beowulf, Hrothgar, Rheda) and

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Uhtred is back in Book 9 and BBC TV series kicks-off in October

Good news for everyone suffering from “Vikings” withdrawal!! Bernard Cornwell is publishing next book about his Viking Age hero, Uhtred of Bebbanburg! Called “Warriors of the Storm” this book 9 in the series is set for release on October 8th.

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History Channel’s “Vikings” Season 4 trailer

As mentioned in previous news, then the Vikings TV series will have a season 4, and now History Channel has released trailer/teaser… it is going to be a long wait until 2016!?! Source:

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Vikings season 4 is a reality and coming in 2016!!

Season 3 has just ended, and the History Channel has announced that it has renewed ‘Vikings’ for a season 4, which will air in 2016. For those of you who cannot wait, then in several interviews plot and character spoilers

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