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News about Viking finds and excavations.

Rare Viking Age grave found at Odense


Danish archaeologists have found a stone sarcophagus at the Albani Church in the city of Odense, on the island of Funen, Denmark. It is at the location where it is believed the Danish king Knud IV (Canute) – also known

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Birka Excavations Undercover Viking Age Dragon’s Head

The town of Birka in Sweden was for a long time during the Viking Age one of the key centers of trade and commerce. It is also known for an 1870 discovery of a casting mould for a needle pin

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Viking Age “stokkebåter” found in Norwegian lake

A pair of “stokkebåter” (tree trunk hollowed canoes) have been discovered in the inland Junger Lake by Øvre Eiker, Norway. This is the second time that pair of these boats/canoes have been found in the lake. The boats/canoes are similar

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Pre-Viking Age Frankish artifacts uncovered at Ribe

Danish archeologists have found a fully intact Pre-Viking Age ceramic wine pitcher at Ribe, in western Jutland. The pitcher was made in either present day France or Belgium during the Merovingian age in the period between the years 450 to

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Caernarfon silver hoard confirmed as Viking Age


In March 2015 near Caernarfon in north Wales a silver hoard was uncovered. And it has now been confirmed as yet another Viking silver hoard. The finds include some very rare coins minted in Dublin, coins from Canute the Great’s

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Monuments in England Re-Purposed by Vikings


Interesting blog article about how Vikings re-purposed and re-cycled sites, stones and objects during their time in England. Sites included burial mounds even as old as from the Bronze Age. Stones were moved and/or re-chiseled. And weapons, silver and jewelry

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Viking Age Silver Found In Southern Jutland


Yesterday Danish archaeologists announced that approximately 165 silver coins have been recovered in a field near town of Haderslev, in southern Jutland. The find is significant because it includes a mix English, German and Danish coins – further indications of

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Viking Age Customs that Christianity Squashed

Interesting blog article CJ Adrien which highlights that while Christianity’s spread into “heathen” Scandinavian during the Viking Age was seen as an “advancement”, then on a number of fronts this can be questioned. The blog lists 3 examples: Grooming –

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Remains of Viking long house discovered in downtown Reykjavik

Excavations over the summer in downtown Reykjavik have uncovered the remains of a 20meter longhouse, making it the largest found on Iceland to date. Discovered under a former parking lot, given the size it is believed to have belonged to

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9th Century Irish Viking site Woodstown

Woodstown is a 9th century Viking settlement in Ireland that has been excavated, and the findings are contributing significantly to the Vikings as international merchants ad traders. The fortified site was located with easy access to the oceans. And, there

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