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News about Viking finds and excavations.

New Evidence of Early Contact between England and Denmark

Danish archaeologists excavating at a site in northern Jutland, have announced finding what they believe to be evidence of early contact between England and Denmark. The artifacts date as far back at 2000BC. They have been sent for further DNA

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Origins of crucible steel for Ulfberht swords?

Interesting short video about the possible origin of the crucible steel used to make the famous Viking Ulfberht swords. There is no archaeological evidence that the Norse during the Viking Age had the technology or know-how to produce the steel

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Long ship replica arrives at Quebec City

After having crossed the North Atlantic, the long ship replica Draken Harald Hårfagre sailed into Quebec city harbor on June 14th. This is part of the leg heading to the Great Lakes. Draken is scheduled to arrive in Toronto by

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Draken – Shetland to Faroe Islands leg

The largest Viking longship replica currently is the Norwegian built “Draken Harald Hårfagre”. It is currently engaged in a living archeaology experiment with a trans-Atlantic crossing from Norway to America. Below is latest video update – from the Shetland to

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Swedish parchment from Viking Age

Swedish historians discover Viking Age parchment having been used as binder cover for a later book. The newly discover Latin texts are believed to date from the period 1070 to 1090. Very few pages from the Viking Age survive within

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Major Viking Age Find at Karleby in Denmark

Roskilde Museum has announced that an amateur metal detector archaeologist back in August made a discovery of almost 400 Viking Age artifacts in a field near the town of Karleby in Denmark. The artifacts include coins, silver cups, a 25cm

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Large Viking Age hoard found at Omø in Denmark


Danish metal detector enthusiast finds 550 silver coins, jewelry and other silver objects scattered on a small area in a field at Omø in Denmark. The coins included a number of so-called Harald Bluetooth coins from approximately 975-980AD which have

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Traces of Old Norse in the English Language


It’s not only in places names in for instance France and England, or in the days of the week names (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Freday) – that Old Norse has left its mark. Also in common everyday words there are traces.

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Rope making in the Viking Age

A number of materials were used to make ropes in the Viking Age. Not surprising then it was the materials at hand which were used. These included wool, horsehair, sealskin and lime bast. Lime bast? Well, this comes from the

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Lesser Known Icelandic Sagas

Interesting blog article by, naming and briefly describing 10 lesser known Icelandic sagas. Read the full article which includes links to many of English translations of the texts via the Read More link below. The article covers the following

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