New Evidence of Early Contact between England and Denmark

Danish archaeologists excavating at a site in northern Jutland, have announced finding what they believe to be evidence of early contact between England and Denmark. The artifacts date as far back at 2000BC. They have been sent for further DNA testing.

More evidence for reconsidering Viking Age starting date

Anyone following our page will know we find the whole “Viking Age started EXACTLY in 793AD” to be outdated. Yet it is still too often unquestioning repeatedly used as THE date. Even History’s “Vikings” were blatantly off in the opening episode. Our heroes supposedly sail into the unknown and accidentally discover England!


Now, no one is saying there was extensive interaction as far back as 2000BC. However, a recent new study of the Bronze Age remains known as “the Egtved Girl” showed that she was born in Germany. And given the fluidity of the Migration Age, it’s about time once and for all to allow that the Viking Age was a natural extension of events and not a “sudden explosion from Scandinavia” (as stated in yet another newly published Viking Age book)!

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