Major Viking Age Find at Karleby in Denmark

Roskilde Museum has announced that an amateur metal detector archaeologist back in August made a discovery of almost 400 Viking Age artifacts in a field near the town of Karleby in Denmark. The artifacts include coins, silver cups, a 25cm long cloth pin, a silver arm band, beads of glass and amber, and bronze and silver plated trinkets.


Photo from Roskilde Museum

The items are estimated to be from the second half of the 10th century. More research will be done to attempt to determine the context of the collection of artifacts – whether it is likely a hoard hidden for safe keeping or perhaps grave goods?

The artifacts will be on display at Roskilde Museum (close to Roskilde Viking Ship Museum) in December. It will then be transferred for further investigated at the National Museum in Copenhagen.

Read more: (article in Danish)

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