Month: November 2015

Major Viking Age Find at Karleby in Denmark

Roskilde Museum has announced that an amateur metal detector archaeologist back in August made a discovery of almost 400 Viking Age artifacts in a field near the town of Karleby in Denmark. The artifacts include coins, silver cups, a 25cm

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“Viking: The Berserkers” – Movie Trailer

Trailer for upcoming Viking themed movie “Viking: The Berserkers”…

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Russian movie “VIKING” coming in 2016

Following trailer appeared couple of days ago, for a Russian-made movie called “VIKING”. Almost naturally/logically the story centers around the Kievan Rus, and the struggle for control of Novgorod. The plot draws historical inspiration from the “The Tale of Bygone

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Gislinge Boat Launches at Roskilde Viking Ship Museum


The Gislinge Open Source Boat Project at Roskilde Viking Ship Museum has been mentioned in several previous news updates here over the past 6 months. The museum has been very active and good in updating on the progress of the

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Large Viking Age hoard found at Omø in Denmark


Danish metal detector enthusiast finds 550 silver coins, jewelry and other silver objects scattered on a small area in a field at Omø in Denmark. The coins included a number of so-called Harald Bluetooth coins from approximately 975-980AD which have

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Traces of Old Norse in the English Language


It’s not only in places names in for instance France and England, or in the days of the week names (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Freday) – that Old Norse has left its mark. Also in common everyday words there are traces.

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“The Last Kingdom” TV Series Trailer

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