Month: October 2015

Trelleborg Should Be A UNESCO Site

The Viking Age ring fortresses found throughout Denmark and present-day southern Sweden are considered unique. Of the 6 know “Trelleborg’s” then the one bearing the name Trelleborg on the Danish island of Zealand was part of the Northern European serial

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Rope making in the Viking Age

A number of materials were used to make ropes in the Viking Age. Not surprising then it was the materials at hand which were used. These included wool, horsehair, sealskin and lime bast. Lime bast? Well, this comes from the

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Lesser Known Icelandic Sagas

Interesting blog article by, naming and briefly describing 10 lesser known Icelandic sagas. Read the full article which includes links to many of English translations of the texts via the Read More link below. The article covers the following

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