One Viking place on Lonely Planet’s Top500 Ultimate Travelist

Travel site Lonely Planet has published a book called “The Ultimate Travelist” – where their community of staff and writers have ranked the 500 best places to see in the world. One Viking site in Scandinavia made the list – Vikingemuseet Foteviken, the open air museum located just south of Malmö in Sweden. Of the Scandinavian countries Denmark had only 1 place on the list, while Sweden had 4 places (Foteviken being one of them), and Norway had the most with 5 places.

It is somewhat saddening that only Sweden of the Scandinavian countries has really succeeded in creating a world class Viking attraction – especially considering that it was only last summer that Lonely Planet ran an article about places to visit in Europe which started with the statement “When we say Denmark, what do you think of? Vikings, of course!”. On the other hand, then the recent UNESCO World Heritage deferral of the serial application of Viking Age sites is yet another indication that the Scandinavian countries have a long way to go to capitalize on a very obvious tourism potential!!

Read more: (in English) & (in Danish)

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