Old Viking/Norse Storytelling Tradition Still Alive

Writing (besides runic inscriptions) came later to the Scandinavian Viking domains, than other parts of Europe. Therefore, storytelling was the primary way of sharing and entertaining. Factual tales would mix with heroic tales which could mix with mythical/god tales – as the stories were told and passed from generation to generation of storytellers. Ultimately in the later Viking Age and into the early Middle Ages, these stories would be captured in writing as Norse sagas by Norse and Icelandic skalds (poets) and “histories” by Christian chroniclers. Over 300 named skalds are known from the Viking Age (AD 800 to1200).

Fortunately, I have come across this modern day storyteller that has started sharing and posting in English. His name is Thomas and is a professional storyteller based in Sweden and working at Fotevikens Museum. Here is link to his Storyteller channel on YouTube.

So far there are two stories posted in English:

Thor’s Fishing Trip – When Thor, god of thunder, walked the earth and met a giant named Hyme. They went fishing.

The Battle of Foteviken – The story of a little known battle in Scandinavia, the battle of Foteviken.

Credit to people like Thomas for keeping the fine Norse art of storytelling alive… the Viking Age comes alive in its most basic and true form! Cannot wait for the next story to be posted!

Source: Compiled and written by AllThingsViking (August 1, 2015)

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