Month: June 2015

Drama Documentary about first Christian Vikings

Ribe Viking Center to produce drama documentary about first known Christian Vikings in Denmark… that resided in? Yep, Ribe! Until the latest finds at the graveyard at the church in Ribe, it has been generally assumed that Christianity only really

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Open Source Working Drawings for the Gislinge boat

Roskilde Viking Ship Museum is in the process of constructing a replica Viking boat, called the Gislinge boat (you can follow the project on their Facebook page). Now the museum has made the working drawings to build the Viking Age

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Viking clothing being studied at Copenhagen University

Fragments of clothing from the Viking Age are usual all that have survived to be found. However, over time these findings have enabled archaeologists to gain a better picture of how Viking Age people dressed. And while Viking films and

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Arabic silver coins found on Danish island

A couple of amateur metal detector enthusiasts made a remarkable discovery in a farm field on the Danish island of Møn. Nearly 35 Arabic silver coins or fragments of coins were uncovered. The coins have been dated to the period

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