Month: March 2015

The Oseberg Priestess Burial

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The Lost Vikings (of Greenland)

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Viking History

This section is under construction. In the future, here you will find information about Viking Age history. In the meantime, here is a list of Wikipedia articles (Viking related information on Wikipedia seems very dispersed) – which are a good

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Danish Viking Age town of Ribe may be older than thought

The Danish town of Ribe holds the honors as the oldest known town in Denmark and Scandinavia. Situated in the southwest coast of Jutland, it was ideally positioned as a market and harbor town – and was believed to have

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Blacksmith Tools Found in Norwegian Viking Age Grave

Norwegian Viking Age grave site yields significant find of around 60 artifacts from the 8th or 9th century. Archaeologists of Bergen University consider this find one of the most important in Norway in 2014. Artifacts included rare blacksmith tools in

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Vikings TV-series season 4 being planned

In connection with season 3 launching, show creator Micheal Hirst has announced that he has already written five episodes for an anticipated season 4. And, that instead of ten episodes then coming seasons could be up to 16 episodes. Hirst

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New genetic analysis and the Normandy debate

In the study of the Viking Age, there are a number of events and persons where there are ongoing debates between historians of the Scandinavian countries. One of these hotly contested questions is: Did the people who settled Normandy in

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Viking Age ring of confirmed Arabic origin found

A number of historic texts tell of meetings between Vikings of Scandinavia and people of the Islamic Middle East. The encounters are described as having taken place both in Scandinavia and in the Mediterranean area, as well as along the

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New Findings about demise of Greenland Vikings

Recently publicized findings from a new major study (“Pastoral Settlement, Farming, and Hierarchy in Norse Vatnahverfi, South Greenland”) are challenging the long held assumptions regarding the demise of the Viking settlements in Greenland.It has long been held that climate change

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