The Viking “North Sea Empire” – It all started 1000 years ago

King Cnut ascended to be king of the Danelaw, upon Sweyn Forkbeard’s death in February 1014. However, Cnut was unable to hold all of England and having been defeated and driven out of England in late 1014, Cnut used the early part of 1015 to build an alliance and assemble forces which would set sail for England in the summer 1015.

There would follow a year of intense fighting in England before Cnut became king and once again England was under Danish Viking rule. This was the foundation upon which Cnut created the “North Sea Empire” covering England, Denmark, Norway, parts of southern Sweden, parts of present-day northern Germany and parts of the Baltic Sea coast.

Cnut would become known as Cnut The Great. This was truly the height of the Viking Age and Viking power, and lasted until Cnut’s death in 1035. At which time Cnut’s sons Harold became king of England and Harthacnut king of Denmark. Magnus Olafsson became king of Norway. Not until the Kalmar Union in 1397 would the Scandinavian countries be under one rule again.

This is the first in a series of articles that will go into the details of the events leading to the Northsea Empire, the height of Viking power…

Source: Article written by AllThingsViking (February, 2015)

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