Month: February 2015

The Viking “North Sea Empire” – It all started 1000 years ago

King Cnut ascended to be king of the Danelaw, upon Sweyn Forkbeard’s death in February 1014. However, Cnut was unable to hold all of England and having been defeated and driven out of England in late 1014, Cnut used the

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New evidence of Viking activities in Canada

Newly published article presented evidence of more Viking activities and indications of longer term stays on the North American continent. Besides the by now well-known confirmed Viking site at L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, then Viking artifacts have been found

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Proof that Norse Vikings had contact with British Isles pre-AD793

New finds in Viking excavations in Norway show that there had been interaction between the Norse and the British Isle pre-AD793 (the normally accepted start date of the Viking Age). Archeaologist point out that it is not necessarily war-booty from

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BBC TV series “The Last Kingdom” – Cast Announced

BBC has secured a strong line-up for “The Last Kingdom” TV series based on Bernard Cornwell’s historical novels. The international cast members include: Alexander Dreymon (American Horror Story, Blood Ransom), Rutger Hauer (True Blood, Blade Runner), David Dawson (Ripper Street,

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Vikings Season3 Premieres on History Channel on February 19th

Exciting 3rd season with 10 all new episodes! Source:

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History’s Vikings Season 3 trailer

Trailer for History’s Vikings season 3. Another wild season in the making!

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