Lonely Planet places “Viking Denmark” on “Best in Europe 2014”

Lonely Planet released list of the Top 10 places to visit in Europe for summer vacation 2014 – and “Viking Denmark” placed 5th on the list!

There is even a suggestion for a full travel itinerary to visit the major Viking sites in Denmark.  Starting in Copenhagen with the National Museum and the Viking Ship Museum at Roskilde, then moving west and seeing the Ladby Ship on the island of Funen, and finally moving through the peninsula of Jutland and seeing the runestones at Jelling, the Viking Museum at Aarhus, the Viking burial grounds near Aalborg and the Viking Center at Ribe. 

You can find links to all of these sites in the Museums&Exhibits section, and additionally what’s not in the Lonely Planet article but here at AllThingsViking is the summer 2014 Viking markets calendar.

Source: Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe 2014

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