Month: July 2014

List of sagas about the Viking Age

To help get an overview of the Viking Age written stories, below is listing of the main surviving/known sagas. Bandamanna Saga (The Saga of the Confederates) Egils saga Skallagrímssonar (The Saga of Egil Skallagrimsson) Eiríks saga rauða (The Saga of

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Viking movies – Few and far between (the good ones)

In my news post of June 6 “Movie ‘Northmen – A Viking Saga’ coming fall 2014” I wrote: “Viking themed movies are few and far between, and GOOD Viking movies even rarer”.  A reader sent me a message (and thank

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Lonely Planet places “Viking Denmark” on “Best in Europe 2014”

Lonely Planet released list of the Top 10 places to visit in Europe for summer vacation 2014 – and “Viking Denmark” placed 5th on the list! There is even a suggestion for a full travel itinerary to visit the major

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Movie “Northmen – A Viking Saga” coming fall 2014

Viking themed movies are few and far between, and GOOD Viking movies even rarer – perhaps the upcoming “Northmen – A Viking Saga” will be the Viking adventure we’ve been waiting for.  The new trailer at least looks like there’s

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Stellan Skarsgard joins upcoming “The Long Ships” Viking movie

The producers (Zentropa) of the upcoming filmatization of the classic “The Long Ships” novel by Swedish author Frans G Bengtsson, have announced that actor Stellan Skarsgard (you know him from “Goodwill Hunting”, and many more) will star in this upcoming

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History Channel’s “Vikings” renewed – season 3 coming in 2015!

Based on a strong season 2, the History Channel announced that it has renewed “Vikings”, and that season 3 will come in 2015. Source:  

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Viking theme park set to open in Norway in 2017

A company “Vikingland Utvikling AS” had been formed to develop a concept for a Viking themed amusement park in western Norway.  Tentatively named “Asgard-Viking Adventure Park”, the project has engaged with one or more key people from the construction of

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Viking Age iron production

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