Month: May 2014

Other evidence / traces

C)  Other evidence / traces Not intended as a complete list, however examples of other Viking evidence and traces left behind which do not fit into the previous categories.  Examples include: Genetic mapping and analysis – In recent years, the

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Written Sources

B)  Written sources Written sources are usually most reliable when authored at the time of the events they refer to. Unfortunately, contemporary sources for the Viking Age by Scandinavian authors are almost non-existent, the main exception being runic inscriptions.  This

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Physical artifacts

A)  Physical artifacts Settlements and building – a significant number of sites have been found and after the fall of the Iron Curtain this includes sites in the former East Europe.  Also the more recent confirmation of a couple of

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Viking Age sources overview

Viking Age sources overview Our knowledge of the Viking Age (c793-c1066) is fragmented and incomplete.  Contemporary written records are scarce, and credible ones even more so. However, the combined efforts of a number of fields of study is contributing to

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