The children of King Gorm the Old

There are no indications that Gorm nor Thyra were married more than once.  Whether all children had Thyra as their mother is not known for certain.

  1. Gunhild Gormsdatter – It is generally accepted that Gunhild was the oldest child of Gorm, and therefore an older sister to Harald.  There is a Gunhild who becomes married to Eirik Bloodaxe of Norway and later York – although some sagas say this Gunhild was of Norwegian origin.  We know that there was inter-marriage of the ruling families in Scandinavia, and so when Eirik is forced out as king of Norway it would be attractive for him to marry the daughter of the king of at least Jutland, if not all of Denmark.
  2. Knud (Canute) Dana-Ast Gormson – Knud is the older brother of Harald, and next in line after their father Gorm the Old.  Very little is known of Knud.  He fathered a son name Guld-Harald, who later in life challenged Harald for part of the rule of Denmark.  Knud is generally told to have been killed/assassinated by an arrow on a raid to either Irland or England. However there is another story which goes that Harald was returning to Jutland from a raid in the Baltic Sea when forces of Knud and Harald fought and Knud was killed in this action.
  3. Harald “Bluetooth” Gormson -The second son of Gorm, who would raise to become the heir to Gorm when Knud died.  Harald is creditted with uniting (or re-uniting) Denmark, conquering and ruling Norway for a period, making Christianity the official religion, and for major constructions around Denmark (which includes founding Roskilde and building a church there).
  4. Val-Toke or Toke Gormson – Very little is known of Toke. Some sources raise the question as to whether Toke was a legitimate or illegitimate son of Gorm.  Or if it taken as fact that Thyra died before Gorm, then the mother could have been a later companion of Gorm.  There is even speculation that he was the son of a different Gorm, residing on Zealand or in Scania.

In some sources, especially Val-Toke is mentioned as potentially an illegitimate son of Gorm, if he existed at all.  Nor is there firm evidence as to whether Gunhild and Knud had Thyra as their mother.  It is generally assumed to be the case.

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