Year: 2014

Major Viking find in Scotland

New major find of more than 100 Viking artifacts found in Scotland… likely gathered during a Viking raid along the coast.  The link below is to a Danish article and video with interview in English. Check it out! Source:

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Fifth Viking ring fortress found in Denmark

Archeologists from the Danish National Museum have announced the discovery of a fifth Viking ring fortress. The fortress is located close to the modern day city of Koege, which is on the southern outskirts of Copenhagen. It is the second

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Viking Markets and Festivals – autumn 2014

Viking exhibit, market and festival activities have been strong both within Scandinavia and in Northern Europe.  And, it’s not too late… There are still major Viking exhibits in London and the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark. The Viking market

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Behind the term “Viking berserker”

There were supposedly Viking warriors that were able to achieve a state of fury and frenzy that made them “go berserk” during fights or in battle.  However, whether this was merely part of the aura and myth surrounding Scandinavian/norse raiders

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Types of Norse sagas

The hundreds of surviving Norse sagas were mostly written in Iceland and Norway during the 12th to 15th centuries. They are grouped into the following 9 types of sagas: The Kings’ sagas (Konungasögur) – Written in the 12th to 14th

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Bernard Cornwell’s “Saxon Stories” coming to TV

Uhtred is coming – to television! Great news for all fans of the historical fiction book series that started with “The Last Kingdom”, and centers around Uhtred’s struggles during the reign of Alfred the Great.  BBC will produce an eight

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“Hammer of Thor” amulets confirmed as hammers

The iconic Viking amulets that seemed to represent hammers – and known as “Hammer of Thor” – can now do to latest archaeological findings be confirmed as hammers. The debate has centered around the shape of unearthed amulets, and whether

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Christianity amongst Danes earlier than previously assumed

Results from excavations at the cathedral graveyard at Ribe in west Denmark, is confirming writing evidence from church chronicles that there were Christians among the Danes at least a century earlier than the official royal acceptance of Christianity on the

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List of sagas about the Viking Age

To help get an overview of the Viking Age written stories, below is listing of the main surviving/known sagas. Bandamanna Saga (The Saga of the Confederates) Egils saga Skallagrímssonar (The Saga of Egil Skallagrimsson) Eiríks saga rauða (The Saga of

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Viking movies – Few and far between (the good ones)

In my news post of June 6 “Movie ‘Northmen – A Viking Saga’ coming fall 2014” I wrote: “Viking themed movies are few and far between, and GOOD Viking movies even rarer”.  A reader sent me a message (and thank

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