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The following books are high quality Viking-themed historical fiction at its best.

The Long Ships (Frans G. Bengtsson)

By many considered one of the true Viking classic books. There are plans to make this into both a TV mini series and a movie.

The Saxon Stories, a.k.a Warrior Chronicles (Bernard Cornwell)

The 9th book in the series came out in 2015, and maintains the same level of thrilling historic storytelling with a superb feel of authenticity. One of the best (and perhaps THE best) modern Viking-themed stories! The 8-part BBC TV series “The Last Kingdom” which based on the first books in the series premiered in 2015!

  1. The Last Kingdom (2004)
  2. The Pale Horseman (2005)
  3. The Lords of the North (2006)
  4. Sword Song (2007)
  5. The Burning Land (2009)
  6. Death of Kings (2011)
  7. The Pagan Lord (2013)
  8. The Empty Throne (2014)
  9. Warriors of the Storm (2015)

The Oathsworn Series (Robert Low)

Consisting of 5 books, this series of novels is about Viking adventure and being part of a band of brothers.

1. The Whale Road (2007)
2. The Wolf Sea (2008)
3. The White Raven (2009)
4. The Prow Beast (2010)
5. Crowbone (2012)

Kindred of the Sea series (C J Adrien)

Historical fiction series set in the early Viking Age. Authentic feel, and solid storytelling.

1. The Line of his People (2014)
2. The Oath of the Father (2015)

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